Bande Ne Kudi Naal Dekho Ki Keeta


A girl assaults a man and when assaulted back, she plays the victim. Though both the parties are at fault, the girl tries to escape by acting victim. It goes on to show how skewed are the laws and opinions varying with genders. This happens in America where people don’t shy away from getting vocal. We don’t clearly know why the fight happened in the first place. The video was taken by someone in a nearby store and we share it with you.
We have no clue why the fight happened. It started with a young girl verbally abusing an elderly man, who was on the phone. She was screaming like a devil at him. She taunted him by throwing punches near his face, hit him with a few slaps, spit on him and his car and also kicked the four-wheeler. After the man had enough of this rowdy devil he got to her car to return the favor. She came back attacking with a wooden stick to provoke him further.